Early Endorsements of The Marian Option

So grateful to these folks for their endorsements of The Marian Option!


The Marian Option offers a brilliant treatment on why the Virgin Mary—the mother of Jesus and our spiritual mother—must be at the heart of any Christian effort to renew society. Providing powerful historical witnesses, concrete examples, and practical cultural remedies, Dr. Carrie Gress masterfully describes how in ages past it was only through the maternal intercession of the Queen of Heaven that fervent Catholic resurgences took place, and why our modern age must learn from this and once again turn to Mary. This book is compelling and convincing!

-Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, author of Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon


Through this beautifully written book, Dr. Carrie Gress makes the case for the importance of the role of the Mother of God in cultural renewal and the defense of Christian civilization. This book reminds us of the unique relationship of the Theotokos - the God Bearer - with her Son, providing a spark that might deepen our own participation in the worship of the Father, through her Son and in the Spirit. Through these, every Christian will be supernaturally transformed and become an active agent in the evangelization of the culture that is so needed.

-David Clayton, Pontifex University, author of The Way of Beauty


The Marian Option is a breath of fresh air. Bringing together the current cultural challenge and the beautiful presence and work of Our Lady, Dr. Gress gives us an encouraging message of hope. There are very few scholars who could so artfully display the power of Our Lady in such a consoling and compelling way. This book is a retreat, a gift, and a summons to all people of faith.

-Fr. Jeffrey F. Kirby, STD, author of Lord, Teach Us to Pray


Dr. Carrie Gress' compelling book powerfully demonstrates that "The Marian Option" is not optional. God has chosen to intervene in human affairs through Mary, and her motherly aide is needed again at this moment in history. May we, as Dr. Gress suggests, hasten to avail ourselves of Mary's help. 

-Judy Landrieu Klein, Memorare Ministries, author of Mary's Way: The Power of Entrusting Your Child to God


Every great reform begins with a return to basics—back to the rock from which we were hewn (see Is 51:1).  And there is no more basic principle in our faith than to be with our Lord in the house of Mary. With a winning combination of intellectual depth and traditional devotion, Dr. Carrie Gress lays out a way forward for our difficult time.

-Fr. Paul Scalia, author of That Nothing May Be Lost


This book is provocative in its simplicity. Looking closely at the recent conversations surrounding the so-called “Benedict Option,” Dr. Carrie Gress uncovers something more fundamental to living a full, Christian life: the Marian Option. The call to personal holiness—given by Christ Himself—has no better exemplar over the centuries than our own Mother, Mary. St. Benedict would agree! And so would, I strongly suspect, those attracted to the Benedict Option. Marian devotion, lived through a deep devotion to Our Lady and a life of simple holiness changes the world, because it changes us. 

-Chris Stefanick, reallifecatholic.com 

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Posted on March 16, 2017 .