NCR: While Millennials look to Adulting, We Can't forget Spiritual Adulthood

By Carrie Gress

In 1906, a sociologist pointed out that a civilization can’t regenerate itself without spiritual adulthood. Without parents who pass on to their children the keys to spiritual maturity, a civilization simply cannot thrive or survive.

There is plenty of evidence that adults are not “adulting” in the ways previous generations have. Some adults have given up altogether and are looking for their inner bliss by returning to preschool – quite literally. New Yorkers are lining up to attend the “globally prestigious preschool for adults,” or Preschool Mastermind. The adult preschool is complete with “show and tell, arts and crafts, practice sharing, storybooks and nap time.” According to the site, “Our inner innocence and sense of wonder holds keys to fulfillment. It’s time to tap into your whimsical well of wisdom!”

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Posted on December 21, 2016 .