Al Kresta in the Afternoon at Acton University

I had the chance to speak with Al Kresta while lecturing at Acton University this week in Grand Rapids. One of my lectures was about the Benedict Option, so Al and I talked about it as well as another alternative - the Marian Option.

Listen here

Faced on all sides by encroaching threats to religious liberty, Christians need to find resources to defend themselves. One proposed approach is to retreat like St. Benedict did when Rome was being sacked and civilization was decimated. But is that the only approach available to us at this moment in time? Dr. Carrie Gress is here to address the cultural and practical side of the issue using the case study of Pope St. John Paul II as to how to deal with oppressive political regimes. Taking a page from the Polish Pope’s guidebook, the Carrie tells us how to best to respond when the political wolf is knocking at the door.

Posted on June 16, 2016 .