NCR: Have Women You Love Left the Faith? Here’s Why

Christ alone offers the kind of love that women’s hearts crave—to be known just as we are, intimately, uniquely and purposefully.

I recently spoke on Catholic Answers about Mary and the modern woman. A man called in asking about his daughter, saying that although he homeschooled her and taught her the catechism, at 17, she now had little regard for the Church. It was clear he was struggling with how he had failed her. Based on what he told me, this concerned dad was not the problem. 

Many of us have had a similar situation where we think we are teaching our children well, and then at some point they just leave it all behind. But we have to look honestly at what we are up against. Everything around us—everything—is pushing back against the Catholic faith. In America today, unless we live under a rock, we are affronted with a barrage of messages aimed at demolishing the last resistance to a culture of death, the Catholic Church. But it is much worse among women because in every major corridor of power in our country—from New York, to L.A., and everywhere in between—an elite chorus of women is calling the shots.

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Posted on November 20, 2017 .