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The Marian Option: God's Solution to a Civilization in Crisis

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Ultimate Makeover

“I am grateful for this book. Up until now the Protestants have cornered this market by focusing upon the Proverb’s woman: “Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting; the woman who fears the LORD is to be praised” (Proverbs 31:30). What Carrie Gress has done is added a Catholic depth to a beautiful Protestant insight, but shown the depth through all the virtues and the lives of the saints.”
— Msgr. Charles Pope
“This is not a book to be read once and put away on a shelf. This is a spiritual companion for mothers to turn to time and time again. Carrie Gress provides here a precious resource to help us navigate the ups and downs of real-life motherhood while growing in grace at the same time. With refreshing honesty, practical advice, and a wealth of wisdom from the Church, Ultimate Makeover will help any woman make the most of her motherhood.”
— Gina Loehr, Author of "Real Women, Real Saints: Friends for Your Spiritual Journey"
“Carrie Gress has a delightful sense of humor and every mother I know will be able to relate to this book.”
— Terry Polakovic, ENDOW Founder

Millions of Catholics at Mass ache with passionate prayers that children, uncles, and close friends of theirs come ‘back home’ to a loving Father. Prayers storm heaven every day pleading for that to happen. But for God to act, WE have to be his gentle hand upon the back, speaking tongue, embracing arm. We have to give our dear ones a nudge. Carrie gives scores of practical tips on how to let the Lord give that nudge through you.
— Michael Novak: author, philosopher, theologian, diplomat
For all those who don’t feel like they’re equipped for the work of evangelizing, Nudging Conversions proves otherwise, offering practical, accessible guidance for how all of us can bring those we love closer to Christ through our daily prayers and ordinary interactions.”
— Emily Stimpson, author of These Beautiful Bones and A Catholic Girl’s Survival Guide to the Single Years