NCR: Symptoms, Causes and Loving Those with Same-Sex Attraction

“Being loved by God and being able to love him in return is where true joy resides.”

By Carrie Gress, Ph.D.

For months Alex had back pain. He went to the doctor, who assured him it was just a pulled muscle. As the weeks wore on, the pain only increased—so he was given stronger prescriptions to deal with the pain. Finally, the pain was unbearable, so he went to a new doctor. This doctor looked deeper and discovered that Alex had stage 4 cancer. The missed symptoms left few treatment options and he was dead within a few months.

Treating the symptoms and not the cause, sadly, is all too common. There is an ongoing discussion about how to best help those with same-sex attraction (SSA). The popular consensus—even among many in the Church today—seems to be that the best thing to do is to accept them, let them live out their passions, and celebrate their diversity. Their lives are just like those of heterosexuals, or so the argument goes. What this position requires, however, it to overlook so many symptoms—depression, substance abuse, porn addiction, suicide, cancer—as well as the underlying cause.

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Posted on July 7, 2017 .