NCR: Catholicism Brings Order to Your Soul, But Only If You Let It

Here’s the one thing Catholics forget that other people don’t know.

My dear friend Nora passed away eight years ago from cancer. Her life had been a long quest for happiness and meaning. But somewhere after a disastrous marriage (quickly annulled) and well before her death, she said to me: “This is how I have always wanted to live. I have always wanted to live close to God, but I never knew that’s what I wanted. I’ve finally found it.” 

What Nora articulated was the sense of order, completeness, mission, and an awareness of being loved that she finally found when she came back to the Catholic faith in full force. Like so many, she had been raised Catholic, but what she was taught scarcely touched her heart. It wasn’t until she finally met a wonderful group of faithful men and women led by an even more wonderful priest that she was able to make sense of it all. Living as a true Catholic became second nature. Her whole life was transformed – the way she saw the world, her family, her struggles and her blessings. And even in all its messiness, she could still praise God and trust what he was doing in her life and in her death.

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Posted on September 29, 2017 .