NCR: New RISE Program: Men, Be Who You Are

The last 50 years have been hard on men and even harder on the idea of masculinity. One group of guys have decided to do something dramatic for themselves and for other men to reclaim their call as sons, brothers, husbands and fathers.

Posted on February 26, 2018 .

New Blog: My Favorite Catholic Things

A few nights ago, the idea of a new blog popped into my head while praying the rosary, so three days later, here is the result: My Favorite Catholic Things.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.02.16 PM.png

I explain a bit of the motivation behind this project on the About page:

Prior to my life as mother and author, I traveled extensively and lived in France, Rome, and Poland. One of my first articles was about a high-end hotel in heart Krakow, Poland, written for a travel industry magazine.
I have always found it exhilarating to explore the foreign, but particularly countries that boast a Christian past - and even better if they have a Christian future. I'm intrigued to see how Christ and his Mother, the saints and religious symbols, are included into the fabric of everyday - from the simple, such as Christmas ornaments and holy cards, to the elaborate, in soaring architecture and priceless paintings.
Having spent years studying the philosophical side of beauty, there is no reason why we can't reclaim beauty in our every day lives and let go of the kitsch that is so prevalent in Catholic art and objects.
Not everything here is overtly Catholic, but everything will have something that can reach a Catholic soul. This is the true capacity of beauty - it is the breathe of God. All true beauty comes from him, so whatever captures you, renews your sense of wonder, fills you with awe, enlivens your heart, or helps quiet your soul with peace, has its source in Our Lord.

I look forward to exploring products, books, art, architecture, and any thing else that captures my attention. Please join me in Reclaiming Beauty in the Everyday.

Posted on January 13, 2018 .

Introducting "Marian Consecration for Children"

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Two years ago, I tried to find a book like this for my own children. When I came up short, a priest friend suggested that I write this book. I drew from my experience as a homeschooling mom and my work on The Marian Option to bring together a book that will hopefully help children understand who Mary is and how much of a Mother she is to them.

Tan Books has further details available here.

It should be released in March. Stay tuned for more details about pre-ordering.

Posted on January 11, 2018 .